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Top Mistakes to Avoid in Home Construction


Top Mistakes to Avoid When Constructing Your New Home

Constructing your new home is a very exciting process but there are many things to consider when designing a house. With inexperience comes building mistakes and being well prepared prior to the start of the building process will help to ensure that the build goes smoothly, and you can move in as soon as possible. At Provincial Homes, we have helped many clients around Sydney build their dream hopes and support them throughout the build and house designing process to avoid common mistakes made by homebuilders. With a trusted team behind you and an understanding of local regulations and requirements, you too can avoid potential delays and issues throughout the construction journey.  

Designing Your Home

Building your new house is an exciting process and designing your home gives you the opportunity to create a living space you’ve always dreamed of. For new homeowners, planning for the long term will make sure that you design a home that fits you now and in the future, whether that is with the addition of kids, pets, changing work arrangements or hosting family and friends, considering the life changes that may occur in the future can help you to design a house ready for anything. Furthermore, property location is an important consideration for future resale. Families will likely seek a property in a quieter location that is close to amenities, so be aware of this if you plan to sell in the future.  

Hire the Right Team

Working with an experienced and trustworthy team will ensure that your building goals come to fruition, and you avoid building mistakes. An architect, draftsman or building designer can all contribute to the building process and by conveying your property goals to them, you should be confident in their abilities to create the home of your dreams. Understanding the differences between the three will help you work out what to expect from each professional and make the most of their services. In understanding each role, you should also be prepared for how much their services will cost. Make sure you check the background of any builders you hire and establish clear communication to ensure your property goals are achieved. 

Check Necessary Regulations

Before you commence the house designing process, there will likely be building and council guidelines that need to be adhered to in your local area. Common building mistakes include missing a permit or not seeking formal approval prior to commencing construction, which can delay the building process or prohibit the build altogether. Such documentation may include a building permit, landscape application, energy rating and a town planning application. At Provincial Homes, we can help you to understand the necessary regulations that must be adhered to prior to starting your build. 

There are many things to consider when designing a house and Provincial Home can support you throughout the process. Request a quote by calling us on 02 9629 5200 or contact us online.