Multi Dwelling Homes

Multi-Dwelling Homes

When it comes to investment properties, multi-dwelling homes may not be your first consideration. However, you’ll be looking at a missed opportunity here, especially if you plan to build in a high density area. At Provincial Homes, our experienced team has over 30 years of expertise in multi-dwelling projects. Should you want to go down this route, we would be more than happy to guide you through the process to help you take the necessary steps to success. From single storey designs through to large scale two storey townhouses, we are confident that we can take on your project.

What is a multi-dwelling home?

A multi-dwelling home refers to properties like apartments, townhouses or units that are built on a single lot. This type of project is popular among investors for the many benefits it brings, such as:

  • More reliable monthly income. Instead of one rent payment (as in a dual occupancy), there will be multiple rent payments.
  • Less risk. If other units are vacant or under construction, other units may still be able to generate income for you.
  • Appreciation potential is high. Unlike single-family homes, where their value is tied to surrounding properties, multi-dwelling homes provide more opportunity to maximise the value of the property.

However, it should be said that multi-unit developments can be a potentially complex endeavour. That’s why it’s especially important to work with professionals in the field, who have vast experience and knowledge in the area. With over three decades of experience in dealing with multi-dwelling projects, you can trust that Provincial Homes will cater to your needs and requirements. We will use our expertise to navigate the red tape, such as local council authorities and Residential Building Codes, as well as streamline the process and optimise your return on investment. Your part in all this? You’ll get to choose facades, designs and layouts to bring your dreams to life!

Begin your multi-dwelling project with Provincial Homes

If you’re interested in finding out more or getting a quote for your multi-dwelling home design, please contact us or visit one of our display homes.