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If you’re building your forever home, why not make it as flexible and profitable as you can, with a duplex design? Also known as dual occupancy, this increasingly popular development option can help you unlock your wealth with additional income or provide a close living arrangement for a dependent. Speak to the professionals at Provincial Homes today and discover our huge range of options, including 2 storey duplex designs and single storey duplex designs. We have years of experience in helping Sydney locals reimagine and design their dream homes.

Unlock Your Wealth with a Single or 2 Storey Duplex Design

We have duplex house design options that will suit every budget and we’ll show you how to create both a new home and a new income, by building two stunning homes on one single lot. We have the expert knowledge and a proven track record that you will need to unlock your property’s investment potential. Choose from a 3-bedroom or a 4-bedroom duplex design and unlock your potential wealth with a single storey duplex design or a 2 storey duplex design.

Choose a Knockdown Rebuild Plan

When choosing a knock down rebuild plan with your modern duplex design, your existing house will be demolished and replaced with a duplex house design. Make the most of your existing plans and replace your home with a luxury option from our duplex design floor plans.

Why Choose Provincial Homes for Your Duplex Design?

Our award-winning designs, expertise, and supportive team of qualified professionals has provided us with a reputation of being Sydney’s premier duplex design builders for over the past 30 years. Unlike other builders, we have the ability to craft a home exactly to your vision. We can help you to create both a new home and a new income, by building two homes on a single lot, and our designs are varied enough that we have options for every budget. We also offer a 30 Year Structural Guarantee in celebration of our 30+ years in the business. With award winning builders Provincial Homes, your new investment will be undertaken with complete peace of mind.

The Benefits of Choosing a Duplex House Design

Double the living and double the income. That’s one of the main benefits you can unlock when you build a duplex home. You also have the flexibility of living in one dwelling, while renting the other out to a tenant, or renting both properties to two separate tenants. The potential to pay off your mortgage faster and live a lifestyle you want is found with a modern duplex house design. Alternatively, if you’re a growing family with older children, the second dwelling can give them the privacy and independence they need to flourish. With so many benefits to choosing a duplex design for your home, it’s easy to see why more and more people are investing in a duplex design floor plan.

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