A Provincial Home is built to last

At Provincial we’ve been building family homes for over 25 years.

Not every company who sells new homes is a builder. And not all builders have the same standards or guarantees. If it’s a Provincial Home it’s been built to standards well above the norm. We call it Thoroughbuilt. Thoroughbuilt is your guarantee that your home has been built to exacting standards and that you are getting what you paid for. A quality, Proven, Professional, Provincial Home.


Have you noticed that Provincial Homes use Brick to Ground and First Floor external Walls. No imitation Cladding. Better for Noise, Thermal and No Maintenance.

Guaranteed Construction Time

It is essential you know how long it will take to build your new home. We ensure we give you a true frame from commencement of construction to completion.

$500 Rental Guarantee

We back our new home construction time should the unlikely event that our build time exceeds the time allowed under the terms of the Building Contract. Provincial Homes will pay your rent to a maximum $500 per week. The best rental assurance.

Extended Structural Warranty

The Structural Guarantee for your new home has now been extended one extra year, giving you seven years of Structural Security! This is more than the mandatory requirement. The best extra peace of mind.

Solid Concrete Slab

All Slabs are Solid Concrete the old fashion way, we do not put polystyrene (Waffle Pods) in our Concrete Slabs. They are solid thru and thru.

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