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Your Essential Guide to Knockdown Rebuild


Love your location but feel like you’re sacrificing comfort, space, and layout with your existing home? Before you begin looking up auctions in your area or completely moving to a new suburb, there is another option: a knockdown rebuild.

Exactly like it sounds, a knockdown rebuild involves demolishing your current home and rebuilding an entirely new home in its place – one that suits your lifestyle and matches your personal style. Give yourself the opportunity to have your dream home built in an area you already know and love with a knockdown rebuild. Some of the benefits of choosing to knockdown and rebuild include:

A home built to your liking

With a knockdown rebuild, you don’t need to compromise on your dream home. When you renovate, it often means working in and around existing structures that can’t be compromised. Needless to say, this can be costly. By starting from scratch, you can build your own home to your exact style. This means including features that support your lifestyle, such as an open plan kitchen, a study nook, or even extra bedrooms for visiting guests and relatives.

You can stay in the same location

Love where you live, as well as your neighbours, local schools, and other recreational amenities? The good news is with a knockdown rebuild, you won’t need to look for another block of land in another suburb. You can simply build on your existing property.

It can be less costly

In comparison to extending or renovating your existing home, a knockdown rebuild can often work out to be less expensive in the long run. For one, there will be less maintenance involved on your end as most new appliances are under warranty. Secondly, you won’t need to pay stamp duty as the property is already yours. There’s also the fact that new homes are often smarter homes and incorporate appliances with a higher efficiency rating. This will not only help you reduce your environmental footprint but may also reduce your utility bills, putting more money in your pocket.

What’s involved in a knockdown rebuild?

At Provincial Homes, we want to create a seamless and streamlined experience for you when it comes to your knockdown rebuild. Always transparent with everything that we do, we’ll explain below what’s involved in the knockdown and rebuild process so you can get a better understanding.

1. The first step is where you’ll choose your house design from our range, and discuss land requirements with one of our representatives.

2. Then, we’ll organise a free building quote and site inspection.

3. You’ll be provided with a tender to either accept or modify some further customisations to your home.

4. Once you’ve accepted your tender, we will draw your plans for your approval.

5. Green light? When you’ve signed your plans and contract, we will lodge your DA or CDC for you.

6. Time to appoint a demolisher. Provincial Homes has various contacts for this, so you don’t need to lift a fingers

7. Exciting times ahead! After your house is demolished and building approval has been granted, Provincial Homes will order a peg out survey and begin the process of building your brand new home.

Ready to get started?

There’s no doubt that thinking about completely knocking down your family home can be daunting, however the long-term benefits can outweigh any misgivings you may be experiencing. If you think a knockdown rebuild project might be for you, please contact Provincial Homes today for more information or to get a quote.

With fast approval times, design flexibility, high quality standard and years of experience, you’re in good hands with the team at Provincial Homes.