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The Ultimate Checklist for Building a House


The beauty of building a brand-new home from the studs up is that you get to fully design your space exactly how you want it. No home will work for you the way a new home that adheres to your layout and specifications will. There’s a lot to think about as you embark on the building process, and you must consider a wide range of factors before you can start building. 

What is a Checklist in Construction? 

A home building checklist is effectively the steps to building a house checklist. Building new house is a complex process and there are many stages and steps along the way, and a checklist helps ensure you stay on track and on budget. 

It’s the rundown of building a house step by step. It will provide specific details about each phase of the home-building project, what materials are required and when they should be ordered, the necessary equipment, and a task list. It breaks down each task into a step-by-step process to make it more actionable. 

Building a House Checklist 

What should a building a house checklist look like?

  • Find The Plot
    Before you can build, you need to find the perfect plot for your dream home. You also need to select the layout and floor plan, which many people like to hold off on until they have secured their plot. The layout should fit your family’s lifestyle and it’s something that should be suitable for your needs.

  • Finance It
    Arrange your financing as soon as possible, there are plenty of options when it comes to securing a self-build mortgage.

  • Set Your Budget
    You need to sit down with your wants and needs and create a realistic budget for your home-building project.

  • Design & Builder
    You need a designer to create your custom home, this is a service that many custom home builders provide so secure quotes from several home builders before you decide on one.

  • Planning
    You will need to reach out to the local authority to ensure your idea is possible. The home builder generally secures any necessary permits.

  • Arrange The Essentials
    Permits secured, you will also need to protect your investment by having the right insurance, contracts, and warranties in place.

  • Prepare The Land
    Before the building can begin, the land has to be prepared. In addition to excavation and levelling, the contractor will set trenches.

  • The Build Begins
    There are typically five stages of a home build –

        Foundation work

        Framing to create a weather-tight space

        The first fix, which is for plastering and structural carpentry, etc

        The second fix, which is everything carried out once the plastering has been completed

        Final decoration

  • Move-In
    When the build is complete, you will need to arrange for services to be switched on. From water and power to telephone and internet. You will also need to make all the necessary address changes. Create a final snagging list for the builder to make last-minute fixes. 

Factors to Consider

While planning your new home, there are many aspects you need to take into account, so add the following to your checklist: 

Home Specific

  • Ceiling Heights
    Many build quotes include a standard ceiling height, if you have higher ceilings in mind you will need to request this specifically – and pay for it.

  • Windows & Doors
    Think about ventilation and weather when selecting your windows. You also want these placed to take advantage of natural light and prevailing winds. You can dramatically alter a space by opting for taller internal doors rather than increasing the height of your ceilings. It will cost less and also make your ceilings seem taller.

  • Insulation
    The right insulation will provide you with an eco-friendly home and reduce your energy bills – choose wisely, even if it means choosing a more expensive option. It will repay you.

  • Storage
    Is there sufficient storage for your needs?

Room Specific


  • Shelving – what is included

  • Size – are the bedrooms large enough to fit your bed sizes, furniture, and belongings?

  • Layout – are you happy with the placement of the bedrooms? Consider the whole family and where everyone’s bedroom is located.


  • Joinery – what is included in the quote? Does it include shelves, drawers, cupboards, etc? 

  • Layout – does the space meet your needs? Is there enough storage for food, as well as accessories and appliances? 


  • Tiling – has this been included in the quote? Many builders will provide a quote for half-height tiling and you may wish a full wall. 

  • Layout – is there enough space to comfortably enter the bath/shower, is everything accessible? 


  • Be sure to price this early on in the process as many home builders do not include this in the quote.


  • Are there enough power points and how many are in the quote? 

  • Are the TV antennas and other data points in the right location on the layout? 

  • Is there a lighting plan in place and does the quote cover the lights you want and need for each room? 

  • HVAC – is this included in the quote or do you need a separate contractor? 

The outdoors is also something to consider – what level of landscaping is included, what about fencing, decking, and garden taps? Is a driveway included? What about a garage? 

What to Do First When Building a House? 

While step one on the checklist is selecting a layout, the first step in the overall process, once you find your land, is finding a house-building team you can rely on. 

Take the time to research various options and seek out builders with a solid reputation and successful track record. Online reviews and testimonials can offer valuable insights into their reliability and work quality. Experience also matters, so look for a team with expertise in constructing homes similar to your vision. 

Then, once you have a team, you’ll need to work together to prepare the land for the building. This may require excavation and levelling, but at the very least will demand an overhaul in terms of vegetation and debris. This process may also involve obtaining necessary permits and adhering to environmental regulations, but your builder should be able to take care of that for you. Another thing to add to your checklist. 

Should You Get A Building Inspection on a New House? 

Yes, this is a standard part of the process. Though the builder will carry out final inspections as per the ultimate home building checklist, an independent inspector will look at the materials and workmanship. They will identify defects, and provided your builder offers a warranty, they will come and take care of those for you. 

Get in Touch with Provincial Homes 

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How long does it take to build a home? 

Ultimately, this depends on the type of home you select, the features you include, and the materials you select. There are a plethora of factors that feed into how long your build will take and you should discuss this in detail with your chosen homebuilders. 

What comes first in building construction? 

Once the site is prepared, the foundation is the first step in building construction. It’s one of the most important parts because it is what the rest of your home is built on.

How do I start preparing to build a house? 


You won’t find these steps on the official building a house checklist. In addition to seeking quotes from builders, you will want to look for an appropriate plot of land, arrange financing, and consider your needs as you set a realistic budget.