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The Custom Home Build Process: What to Expect


Building your dream home is one of the most treasured moments in anyone’s life. But building a quality custom home takes more than an idea to bring it to life. The process includes a host of other factors that make it possible. So what’s the custom home build process like? Here’s what to expect.

Before the build


This is the starting point of your project. Once you’ve identified the block of land you’re looking to purchase, Provincial Homes will inspect the property and provide you with a free site inspection report. This is important to determine the best design that will work for the allotted land.


Our team will meet with you and talk about your custom home. Here we will discuss all your ideas and help you build a skeletal plan. This may include the basic structure of the house, number of rooms and floors, kitchen setup, theme, and build materials, to name a few.

Getting a preliminary estimate

Following a commitment to acquiring the land, Provincial Homes will provide you a preliminary estimate for your luxury custom home. This could potentially include a number of design considerations based on your specific needs.     

Working out the design

Finalising the design is important to decide on an accurate cost for your quality custom home. Here, our team will discuss the fine details that should go to bringing the house of your dream to life. Considerations would include ventilation requirements, staircase style, window coverings, and roof insulation, among others.



Once the design is sorted out, the price is structured. The budget will factor in a number of costs such as material costs, labour costs, service and any applicable government fees.

Finalising plans

Afterwards, it’s a matter of preparing the contract. The exact process to this will vary depending on the location. Check with your local Provincial Homes representative to verify the exact details when forming the contract.

Obtaining necessary permits

Before going ahead with the construction, you will need to finalise the required documentation. At this stage, Provincial Homes will prepare and submit for a building approval and a Development Application.

During the build

Construction time

The completion time will depend on the exact specifications of the custom home plan. While we provide an estimated date of completion beforehand, keep in mind that certain unavoidable circumstances like adverse weather conditions could affect this date.

Ensuring a smooth and enjoyable process

Waiting for your dream home can be a demanding task, especially considering the length of the project. Here at Provincial Homes, we want to ensure this process is a smooth and enjoyable experience. You will be a part of the build every step of the way. Our team will make it a priority to keep you posted on how your luxury custom home is coming along right up to the moment of completion.

Finishing touches

Once the project is nearing completion, we will add in the final details and have everything in place. After the finishing touches, your house will be ready.

After the build

Check for any defects

New home builds in NSW come with a warranty known as the ‘defects and liability’ period. This usually covers 13 weeks for a new home. After your home has been built, closely inspect the finished project and check for any defects. Should you find any, let the builder know in writing.

Settling into your new home

We will hand over your keys and run you through any maintenance matters that require your attention. Now, it’s finally time to settle into your brand new home.


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