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Should You Renovate or Knockdown Rebuild?


When you’ve outgrown your existing home, there are really just three options for you: sell your current home and pursue a new place to live, knockdown rebuild on the same spot, or renovate areas of your home.


If you love where you live, you might not be too keen on the idea of selling your current home and relocating elsewhere. This leaves only two options: knockdown rebuild or renovate. But which one is the better option? Obviously your budget and how much time you have all play a part in your decision, but there are a few burning questions you’ll need to ask yourself that are equally as important.

Could my home’s orientation be improved?

Does the morning sun shine brightly through your bedroom window as you’re trying to sleep? Is your entrance around the corner of the home and difficult for visitors and guests to see? A knockdown rebuild can fix that for you. One of the main benefits of knocking down and rebuilding is that you can customise everything – from the island bench in the kitchen to the position of your bathroom mirror. Alternatively, renovating means making do with what you’ve got and working around the existing layout, which might not be ideal for what you want.


Which option will most increase my home’s value?

A knockdown rebuild is the clear winner. We don’t build like we used to – and for good reason. Generally speaking, a new home is easier to maintain as it will be more energy-efficient. Furthermore, you won’t run into any nasty surprises like old pipes or unsafe wiring that need replacing or termites in the foundation.

Could I improve my home’s energy efficiency by rebuilding?

With a knockdown rebuild, you can install heating and cooling systems that are far more economical. This translates to cheaper utility bills.

Do I want the hassle of renovating?

If you’ve ever renovated, you’ll know how much of an emotional toll it can take on your wellbeing. And if you haven’t, you’ll need to consider the following: Are you working full time? Raising a family? Could you live for a prolonged period with builders in the home? All these added interruptions may not be beneficial for you.

Is knockdown rebuild an option in my area?

All things considered, you’ll also need to ask whether knockdown rebuild is an option in your area. For a knockdown rebuild to occur to your existing home, you’ll need to consider whether your house faces demolition restrictions or major design limitations. Structural issues and the orientation of your home will also need to be evaluated.

Talk to Provincial Homes about a knockdown rebuild

 Truth be told, it’s often cheaper to start from scratch than rebuild. At Provincial Homes, we believe that a knockdown rebuild is almost always the more suitable solution in comparison to a renovation. If you agree, why not set up an appointment with our friendly representatives, who can talk you through the knockdown rebuild process? Contact us today to get a quote on your home improvement project.