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Hampton Style House Design: Tips and Inspiration


Tips and Inspiration from Hampton Style House Designs

Many Australian homes have drawn inspiration from the interiors of luxury, beachside homes located in Long Island, New York. The natural and elegant interiors of these homes provide wonderful inspiration for the inner interior designer and drawing inspiration from the timeless Hamptons style homes can help to transform your living space. By understanding the different elements of this design style, you can begin injecting the Hamptons style look into your own home. With a balance of neutral colours and darker accents, plus statement pieces and unique architectural features, imitating the Hamptons look is achievable for many. 

Home Design and Architectural Features

With its beachy vibe, Hamptons style interiors utilise cool colours, such as soft white, beige and blues to give the space a bright feel. This is complemented by large windows which allow plenty of natural light to flood the living space and pairing these with floor to ceiling curtains will have your home fit right in with the Hamptons style. Weatherboards and cladding are both essential Hamptons features and the addition of bright colours such as mint green and vibrant coral colours can work well in a space intended to give a holiday vibe. For a more sophisticated look, darker flooring works well for homes further from the coast, whereas light timber tones are an excellent choice to maintain a beachy vibe, especially white timber. 

Decorating the Space

To fully embrace the Hamptons style design in your new home, carpeted bedrooms and natural or dark timber flooring is ideal. Beach inspired Hamptons furniture is vital for maintaining a coastal feel and natural materials will also help to add warmth to the space. Neutral colours in furnishings can create a sense of comfort, and adding upholstered chairs, a large sofa and large indoor plants can help with the Hamptons look in the living area. You can utilise neutral colours to benefit from longevity and statement Hamptons furniture pieces such as table lamps and chandeliers will add character to your space. 

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