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Designing the Perfect Dual Occupancy Home


Why You Should Design the Perfect Dual Occupancy Home

Dual occupancy homes provide the perfect solution for first time buyers, investors or families seeking an affordable entry into the market. A dual residence provides space for additional occupants, whether you would like to create rental income by transforming it into a rental property or provide a place for family to stay when visiting. When it comes to building dual occupancy homes, Provincial Homes can assist you in making this a reality, with numerous dual occupancy home design options and a team of expert dual occupancy builders that can help you achieve your property goals.

Designing a Dual Occupancy Home

When it comes to designing your new home, the team at Provincial Homes can help maximise your space, help you select the highest quality building materials and settle on a dual occupancy home design that is both within your budget and meets your property goals. Whether you are intending on renting out the second dwelling or using it to accommodate your relatives, we can work with you to achieve these goals. We understand that the property building process is expensive and time consuming, which is why it is essential that we understand your property goals. This way we can work together to create a floor plan and home design perfect for you.

Types of Dual Occupancy Homes

Text: A dual occupancy home consists of two dwellings on one block of land, which can either be attached or detached. Sometimes this might include the main residence and a granny flat, or two residences that are attached, known as a duplex home. Depending on the purpose of your dual occupancy property, you can select the preferred style of residence and our team will get started on building your dream property. When it comes to building a dual occupancy property, finding the right builder is essential. Having someone on your side who understands your goals and intentions is vital during the building process. At Provincial Homes, we pride ourselves on satisfying our valued customers and ensuring that we help you achieve your property goals. 

Benefits of a Dual Occupancy Homes

Building a dual occupancy house can be an investment strategy, allowing you to turn the second dwelling into a rental property or Airbnb, providing you with rental income that can assist in paying off your new mortgage. Alternatively, the additional space can be used to house family members, guests or elderly relatives looking for independence and space while still prioritising togetherness. Choosing to purchase a dual occupancy home is a great choice for first time buyers or families seeking extra space or income. 

To make your property dreams a reality, get in touch with the expert dual occupancy builders at Provincial Homes. Call us on 02 9629 5200 or contact us online to request a quote.