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Benefits of Building A New Home

Building my home

Choose the house you want, and it’s brand new!

Building a new home means you get to choose the exact house that you want, you are not living in what was just built to suit someone else’s lifestyle. Have the home that you always wanted.

Customise the plan to suit your needs

Building your new home with us means that you get to customise every room to suit your needs! Imagine having that spacious bathroom with an island bath tub and heated floors that you had in that luxirious hotel, or having that home threatre room that you’ve always dreamt of! we can work in with you to build what you want.

Stay where you love to live

Is your family upsizing but you’re running out of room in your current cramped home? Knockdown that old place and rebuild with us and you can stay in the area that you love. Or, buy a vacany block of land and we`ll help you realise your dream.

Cheaper running costs

You`ll be amazed at how much cheaper it is to run your home with the new technology incorporated into all of our hoses. From energy efficient lighting and insulation batts to a rainwater harvesting tank connected to a garden tap, you`ll save on your annual energy builds with extra benefit of having everything brand new!

Less maintenance

A newly built home has less maintenance associated with it than an older established home. At Provincial Homes, we also include a 12 month maintenance period and 7 year structural guarantee to further solidify that building a new home is the best way to go.

Quieter/Comfortable living

Your newly built home comes with insulation batts to the external walls and ceilings and sarking to the underside of the roof tiles. Floor plans are pre-planned to make the best use of your blocks aspects and a Basix certificate is done for all new dwellings. This means you`ll live in a quieter home that will also be warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

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