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5 Practical Reasons to Choose a Custom Home in Sydney


On the market for a new home in Sydney? You’re most likely torn between building a brand new custom home or going for an existing structure. While the concept of a turnkey property might sound appealing, Provincial Homes is here to make the case for building a custom home.

We list 5 practical reasons to choose to build a custom home in Sydney below.

1.   Maximise functionality

The problem with an existing home is that you need to work with what you’ve got. This can sometimes feel like putting a round peg in a square hole. When you work with a blank canvas, you can maximise every inch of real estate. Feel like a library wall? A staircase at the entrance of the house? An alfresco area to entertain guests? It’s all possible with a custom home.

2.   Efficiency

If more money in your pocket sounds like a good idea, then you might want to choose a custom home build. Retrofitting existing homes with energy-efficient appliances can get quite expensive. With a custom build, those modern and updated appliances are an added bonus and as a result, they may substantially lower your monthly electricity, gas, and water bills.

3.   Future-proof your home

Buying an existing structure can be a bit of a gamble: how can you be sure the pipes and wiring is up to scratch and won’t need to be replaced? Needless to say, home maintenance and renovations can cost a fortune – and these unforeseen pitfalls usually only present themselves once you’ve been living in the existing property for a few months or years.

You can bypass this situation with a custom build as everything is brand new. From the building materials to the appliances and finishing touches, all these come with manufacturer warranties. Regular maintenance will be a thing of the past with a custom home.

4.   Control your budget

The ball truly is in your court when it comes to choosing to build a custom home. You call all the shots and get to decide how much you want to spend on your new home, and keep it within the limits of your budget. With complete control of your expenses, you can determine the price point of every amenity that goes into your new home – from the tiles in the bathroom to the taps in your kitchen.

5.   Location, location, location

Building where you want to live is one of the best reasons in support of a custom home build. Pending bushfire limitations, flood zone impacts and other factors relating to the land, you can snap up some prime real estate in a location that suits your lifestyle.

Build your luxury custom home with Provincial Homes

When you’re building your custom home, it’s all about choice – and this extends to who you work with. Choosing the right builder is essential in your quest to build your dream custom home in Sydney. Finding a team who understands and shares your vision will make the whole process much more streamlined.

For custom home builders you can trust, turn to Provincial Homes. If you’re interested in finding out more about our custom homes, contact us or visit one of our display homes.