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3 Benefits of Building Your New Home on an Acreage


The Benefits of Building Your New Home on an Acreage

Many people dream of the serenity of living in an acreage house. Whether it is the peace and quiet, a relaxing retirement or the opportunity to own more animals, designing your dream acreage home is now possible with Provincial Homes. Making the move to the countryside or deciding to build a home on acreage is a lifestyle change, giving you the time and space to start living your new life. Choosing acreage builders for your new home allows you to make the most of the outdoors and the indoors, with spacious living areas and unique architectural styles to call your own.  

You Can Build a Large Home

With more space comes the opportunity to build a larger house, giving you all the room you could possibility want. Without the limitations that come with living on a smaller block, you can build the house of your dreams with your preferred layout and inclusions. As the luxury acreage builders, we can help you to design a home that meets all your expectations and allows you to take full advantage of the space on your land. When it comes to customisable homes, we are your first choice when you decide to make the move to an acreage house. 

Increased Value

Text: Over time, housing values tend to increase, meaning that the property you currently live in is likely to be worth more by the time you sell it. With an acreage house, the additional land and buildings on your property continue to add value to your home, as more people seek the space and allure of rural living. By purchasing an acreage home now, you can enjoy the space and serenity that comes with living on acres, marinating in the peace and quiet. As the housing market grows, so too does the appeal of moving to rural living and many buyers will be keen to snap up an acreage home once you decide to sell. 


Lifestyle Change

Text: A property on acreage isn’t just about the house, it is a lifestyle change. With the additional space that comes with a large backyard or paddocks, you have the freedom to adopt a new style of living and live a more sustainable life. Whether that means starting a beautiful garden or growing your own food, getting horses for children, or simply enjoying the sound of chirping birds, a home on acreage will change the way you live. The countryside can allow you to relax, with fewer noises, more wildlife, extra space and the possibility to try out new things. If you are considering moving out of the city, an acreage house may be the best choice for you.

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